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Our people are our most important asset.

They are the ones who drive our business forward and deliver outstanding results for our customers. That is why we are committed to attracting, developing and retaining the very best talent. We believe that ethics, commitment, self-control, teamwork and customer orientation are the key ingredients of success. And we know that effective communication is essential to building strong relationships - both within our organization and with our customers.

Being innovative allows us to stand out from the competition and create new solutions to our clients’ translation requirements, as promised and on time.

By valuing and investing in our people, we create a working environment where everyone can thrive and reach their full potential. Together, we make things happen for you!


About Us

For more than 15 years, our main focus has been to understand your business regardless of the language.

To provide world-class translation, localization, and interpreting services with continuous improvement and quality standards to enable the understanding of our clients’ strategic business information in a precise and professional way.


Grow our reach in the international market through state-of-the-art technology, the continuous improvement of processes, and more efficient and effective methods, offering a truly personalized services.


Excellence, Integrity, Loyalty, Leadership, Responsibility, Respect.

Our key pieces


We exceed our clients’ expectations by working with the highest standards.


Time-effective strategies and competitive prices without risking quality.


Timely turnaround of projects, response to market demands, and customer satisfaction.

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Daniela Herrero

Daniela leads the operations in the U.S. looking to meet the demands of our customers. Her leadership motivates the team to achieve the goals of the company. . The sum of many years of experience and her training in Translation and Business Administration have been the perfect combination to achieve the success and sustained growth of the company..

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Lucía Rodríguez
Commercial Manager

Her main role is to advise prospects and clients in the selection of Translation and Interpreting services as a response to their needs, as well as ensuring that they are provided with the best personalized service, in order to establish a long-term, win-win relationship., así como asegurar que se les brinde la mejor atención y servicio, con la finalidad de establecer una relación ganar-ganar a largo plazo.

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Adrian Linares
Special Projects

My role is to support the operational and administrative area, organizing and attending to the tasks according to the processes. I use computing tools to manage the sales process with customers.

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Limbert Carios
Project Manager

His mission is to offer a quality service experience to our clients, with the best turnaround times through personalized project management, while becoming an expert in the client, the company, its terminology and general preferences, con los mejores tiempos de entrega a través de la gestión personalizada de todos sus proyectos. Specialist in medical, pharmaceutical and health sciences documents. .

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Doxael Avila
IT Manager

Leads the coordination of highly qualified technical personnel for the best performance of the company's activities through the improvement of internal processes, utilizing state-of-the-art technology resources., utilizando los recursos tecnológicos de vanguardia.

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Andrés Manzano

My work at Precisa revolves -mainly- around legal, corporate, pharmaceutical and energy translation (ING-ESP-ING), such as the translation of contracts, articles of incorporation, appraisals and immigration documents.

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Daniel Garibay
Chief Editor

I supervise, review and adjust the work of my editing team, so that it meets the quality standards that we have in the company, so that the final result meets the expectations of our client.

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Estela Castillo
Administrative Assistant

My role involves sales invoicing, customer collection, receipt of CFDI, as well as scheduling payments to suppliers. I also make sure they have a great experience, especially when closing the project.

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Clara Martínez

I support to translators in editing, proofreading, conversion and review of documents and presentations. I take care of the files so that they are ready for processing in the translation program.

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Paulina Rojas

I make the presentation of the monthly and annual statements, as well as the issuance of monthly and annual Financial Statements of Precisa in Mexico and at a Global level. Also, I review the accounts receivable, payable and cash-flow.

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Fabiola Chavarria
Project Manager

I coordinate and supervise all the processes that are developed for the impeccable delivery of the projects. We are an expert and solid team that links their knowledge and skills, to nurture all projects.

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Rafael Barrón

At Precisa Global I dedicate myself to editing documents that are in non-editable format, verifying that there are no misspellings, punctuation, attaching images, tables and whatever is needed as the case may be.

Trust in the expert hands of our team of professionals!
Position your company globally, we’ll make sure that nothing is lost in translation!

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