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We invite you to be part of one of the most sound translation companies, which since 2005 has been offering first class translation and interpreting services to companies of all sizes and industries..

In the HR department, our goal is to consolidate high-performance teams to become part of our company and stay with us in the long run.. We are convinced that our most important asset is: Our People. That is why we are always looking for talent with skills in accordance with our standards and philosophy, as well as a drive for their own development and a positive attitude towards teamwork. . ¿Do you want to be part of our team? We offer:

Win-Win Relationship : A high-performance culture combining challenges, demanding work and passion for what we do.. At Precise Translations, you can develop your full potential and pursue your professional career with quality standards, within a dynamic environment that provides you with the opportunity to grow both, professionally and personally..


Feel and act consistent with moral values and good manners, in addition to professional practices, observing institutional policies at all times. .
Ability to keep one's own emotions under control and avoid negative reactions to provocations..
Feel the objectives of the organization as your own; fulfill promises both personally and professionally..
Nobody is as good as the sum of everyone’s efforts to achieve organizational goals..
Serenity and optimism in all circumstances, even under adverse situations..
It is not about a specific behavior in front of an actual client, but it is rather about a continuing attitude of helping others..
Ability to direct all the actions towards achieving the set goals..

Trust in the expert hands of our team of professionals!
Position your company globally, we’ll make sure that nothing is lost in translation!

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